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Play Mats are every new parents must have because floor play and tummy time are an essential part of a babies development. 

And guess what!? We were shocked to realise that floor play lasts for decades! In fact, my 10 year old still comes home and plays Lego on the floor. So, choosing the right Play Mat for your family is important (because you're going to be looking at it for years and years to come).


Our guide is broken into three sections:

Your style

Focusing on your interiors, this section showcases our recommendations to suit your decor.


Your space

Looking at the size of your space and colour of your flooring, we show some examples of real-homes to help determine what will fit best.


Your lifestyle

Depending on the hustle and bustle of your lifestyle, this guide will recommend the best colour palette for your family.


Let's take a look at what Play Mat would best match your interiors style!


STYLE FILE #1: Hamptons

Focusing on light, bright interiors that have a classic, sophisticated yet calming and effortless feel. This style is a fave of the M&B team - we even have a whole Play Mat range named after it!


STYLE FILE #2: Colourful Eclectic

There's always such joy in interiors with a pop of colour! Whether you love a bold statement piece or embrace colour at every turn, there are a few options in our ever-growing range.


STYLE FILE #3: Industrial

Exposed brick, concrete accents and touches of raw metals give us all the industrial vibes. Usually filled with natural light, we suggest one of our darker-toned mats to ensure a seamless fit.


STYLE FILE #3: Traditional Cottage

Country cottage charm with a sophisticated, modern twist. Whether marrying florals and stripes or going for a pop of gingham, this divine approach to interiors makes the perfect home for our Classic Storybook Collection.


STYLE FILE #4: Organic & Earthy

For the neutral lovers who adore lots of rattan and earthy tones. Keep the interiors calm and paired back with a simple, soothing design or take cues from nature and include a touch of botanical print.


STYLE FILE #5: Coastal

A timeless approach to interiors focused on a relaxed vibe that everyone is loving right now. Stick to a soft and neutral colour palette that remains inspired by shades of water and sand.


STYLE FILE #6: Scandi

Focused on minimalist design that features a mix of textures and soft hues. A modern approach to decor that is often warm and inviting.




Our Play Mats are great for any floor surface! Whether it be cold, hard tiles or fluffy carpet, they will provide a soft, squishy landing and the perfect layer of insulation.

If you're unsure about which colour would look best on your floor type, we've created this guide of real customer homes to help out.


Dark Floors:

Eg. Dark-Wash Timber, Dark Carpet or Polished Concrete

Light Floors:

Eg. Light-Wash Timber, Light Carpet or Tiles 



Next, let's have a look at what size Play Mat would best suit your space.


Large (2m x 1.4m)

Perfect for bigger spaces like lounge rooms and play rooms!

Roughly the same size as a 2 seater sofa.


Medium (1m x 1.4m)

Great for use in kid's bedrooms, nurseries or even next to the bath!

It's exactly half the size of our Large Play Mat.


Round (1.4m diameter)

A fun size for any area if you're not sure which size to choose!

Fits well underneath a high-chair as a messy mat in the kitchen.




Everyone has different lifestyles and activities going on!

Some of our Play Mat designs may be more suitable than others depending on how busy your home is.

We've broken down our recommendations below for you.


Dark Play Mats are best for:

High-traffic areas (such as a deck or lounge room) with many people going in & out, pets around and lots of messy play! This will help disguise dirt and mess!


Light Play Mats are best for:

Low-traffic areas (such as nurseries or bedrooms) where shoes are off and spaces are kept clean & tidy.


Still can't decide which Play Mat?

That's totally okay! Feel free to send our friendly customer care team a message (@munchkinandbear) or email ( and we can help you out further with design suggestions!

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