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Why are our Play Mats a parent’s MUST HAVE item, used daily in over 100,000 homes?

  • Babies are fragile. Our ultra THICK & SOFT material PROTECTS delicate little ones, from birth.
  • Messes are inevitable! Our mats are WATERPROOF & instantly WIPE CLEAN.
  • Immune systems are just developing. Our HYGIENIC easy to clean and ALLERGY-FRIENDLY mats keep them safe.
  • Babies need floor play to develop key muscles for core strength and reaching MILESTONES.
  • Learning new skills is tricky! Our highest quality memory foam ABSORBS IMPACTS of tumbles and bumps and helps prevent tears.
  • Our children deserve the best start in life. All our products are independently certified as child SAFE & NON-TOXIC.
  • Children play where you are. Our mats are PORTABLE and SUIT ANY SPACE. They are perfect in living rooms as the main area rug, covering hard floors, placed on top of carpets or rugs, in nurseries, playrooms, outside (brought inside after use) and even in the bathroom on top of cold hard tiles during bath time.
  • A soothing and stylish house is still possible post-kids! Our playmats are collaborations with INTERIOR DESIGNERS and with well over 40+ designs we have the most gorgeous and WIDEST RANGE, world-wide!


  • Size: Large, family sized:  2m long x 1.4m wide 
  • Thickness & Quality: 15mm of high quality memory foam. Low enough mat height to not be a trip-risk for your family, yet ultra shock absorbent to protect delicate little ones. M&B play mats quality is SO high that a raw egg can be dropped from over 2m without cracking. Give it a go yourself! (Don’t be fooled by thicker, but lesser quality memory foam play mats on the market!)
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU is referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. TPU is a non-toxic and 100% food-safe material. TPU does not contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water. Munchkin & Bear Play Mats are certified non-toxic, compostable and are PVC FREE!
  • Reversible: Change up your decor by just flipping the mat over (who doesn’t love a two in one?!). *Colour and size may vary ever so slightly, within a small acceptable 'production tolerance'. If you are after multiple matching play mats, we recommend ordering them at the same time, from the same batch.

Speckled Mint - spots so minty and fresh!

This fun yet subtle design is perfectly simplistic in the best way. Our Speckled Mint is a lovely addition to any room, with the gorgeous mint muted by cute white speckles and complemented by the Soft grey speckled reverse.

Is this a Gift?

Whether you are buying a gift for your own little one, a baby shower gift, new baby arrival gift or first birthday present, Munchkin & Bear play mats make the best new baby gifts for every Australian family and will be loved for YEARS and YEARS to come!

We make gifting easy by offering a free, hand-written Gift Card option. Simply select an option from the menu bar above, before adding to 'Check Out'. 

Gift giving made easy, on us! Xoxo



More Information


Now available in 2 sizes (because you asked so nicely!)

  • Round (approx): 1.4m diameter x 1.5cm thick

  • Large (Rectangular) (approx): 2m x 1.4m x 1.5cm thick 


Our mats have been created in conjunction with an Interior Designer, inspired by the latest trends. You will be proud to leave it on display in your home (even when the kids are in bed)!

  • One-piece design (no annoying puzzle pieces that pull apart)!

  • Double-sided. Reverse colour cannot be seen whilst play mats are laying flat.

  • Paired-back, simple, classic designs to compliment your décor, not outshine it (NO bright primary colours or overstimulating childish designs)!

  • Looks gorgeous as the background for your baby milestone insta pics (just saying)!


  • Made of Non-toxic TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) memory foam, with a shock-absorbent, 1.5cm thick foam core and a durable, wipe clean topcoat. 

  • The use of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) compared to PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) creates a safer play mat for your children, without the harmful and toxic chemicals, however still allows for a durable and hard-wearing mat which can be easily wiped clean.

Product Safety

Safety is incredibly important to us, as parents of small children ourselves. Our mats are independently tested (by both SGS & Austest/Intertek) to ensure they meet the most stringent safety standards. They are:

  • Non-toxic

  • Do not contain harmful heavy metals (such as lead or mercury) or toxic substances (such as formamide & formaldehyde, phthalates, BPA or endocrine disruptors).

  • Exceed Australian and International safety standards (EN71-3)

  • For more information, our full testing report can be found on our website.

Before First Use

  • Remove packaging and discard away from children.

  • Re-roll your play mat in the reverse direction, then lay it flat to allow the play mat to relax.

  • Wipe clean with soft cloth or damp towel.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Cleaning our Luxe Padded Play Mats is simple:

  • We only recommend to wipe clean with warm water and mild detergent/liquid soap with a damp microfibre cloth (just as you would clean your baby's high chair for example). Dry thoroughly after cleaning and before flipping over.

The following is not recommended:


  • Do not use products with bleach, alcohol, natural citrus oils, essential oils or abrasive agents (e.g. Gumption) as they may damage or discolour the TPU mat coating. Some natural cleaning spray may also damage your play mat.

  • Vigorous rubbing may damage and remove the top layer colour.

  • Some baby wipe brands may cause damage or discolouration to the mat's surface.

  • Avoid sharp, rough & hot materials from coming in contact with play mat (e.g. sharp heels or toys, stiff vacuum brush, boiling water).

  • Pens, textas, crayons and permanent markers can stain the mat (and all your furniture!) permanently. Those budding Picassos can get a little too creative sometimes!

  • Not designed for prolonged sunlight/outdoor use. Direct sunlight and high temperatures may cause deterioration of the play mat.

  • Pet claws and teeth may cause damage and are not covered under warranty.

  • Heavy furniture on the play mat may cause permanent depressions.

  • Do not steam clean.

Brand Munchkin & Bear
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 1.400m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.056000000m3


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Large playmat -speckled, mint

Our mat is just over 3 years old. Was great initially, but unfortunately by the 2 year mark we noticed the padding seems to have become very worn and thin in the middle of the mat. I emailed Munchkin and Bear to check if this was related to any misuse, and the answer was that there might have been a small hole or tear, which led to the mat thinning out Like that. I searched for the tear, but was unable to find one. My son just fell over from a sitting position and hurt his head, despite falling on the mat! Will not be buying a second mat.

One of the best gifts we received

I received this mat as a gift when my baby was born and it is honestly one of the best gifts we received. We have used it as a dedicated play/roll mat when our baby was young. Then as a rug in front of lounge to help cushion the fall from the lounge 'jumping' and is now in our little ones play room. So versatile yet also stylish, blended with our home décor and super easy to clean. I have now been giving these as baby gifts for friends.

Best baby buy to date!

I was looking for a rug for our nursery and a friend mentioned they had one of these mats and have been loving it. I had a look and decided yeah, probably better to have something on the floor that I can easily wipe spills from, and would be cheaper than the rug I had my eye on. I preordered and waited for the shipment to come through, all the while thinking man I hope this mat is what they say it is otherwise I’ve been waiting a while for nothing... anyway it’s arrived when my Bub was about 5.5mo, and up to this point she had very little interest in rolling and hated tummy time with a passion, wouldn’t use her arms to push herself up and generally flailed and wailed on her stomach. Well! First few days of having this mat she is pushing her chest right up off the mat and will tolerate being on her front for far longer than before! The mat is so much thicker than I thought, I can kneel on it while holding bub and walk on my knees without any pain, even my mum can too! The colour is gorgeous, great size, easy to clean, so comfortable, not super heavy, and it’s really making a big difference to bubs tummy time. Absolutely A+++ for quality and 100% worth the wait!

Everything you need in a mat

I had been researching and looking for a playmat for a long time and landed on this one from Munchkin & Bear. Absolutely no regrets! The quality, design and size of this mat is everything I needed. And the customer service was spot on and so helpful - they got my mat on the earlier shipment when the courier had to lap back around.

Beautiful mats

I really love these mats. They are so comfortable and make it easier for me to sit on a hard floor to play with my 3 grandchildren. The colours and designs are beautiful too.

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