To date, Munchkin & Bear has donated over $30,000 in funds, plus countless products, to support charitable organisations (both in our local community and around the country).


Bubs in Arms Event SUPPORTING Make a Wish Foundation

Well, our insane idea to throw a Christmas charity event for 80 mums and tiny babies was absolutely magical! Filled with the nicest mothers and sweetest babies you'll ever see, mums supporting each other and enjoying bonding with their tiny creations. 

We were able to donate $12,485 to Make-a-Wish at the event and even got to present a giant cheque! There was no way we could have reached this number without the incredible support of everyone who purchased a mat during the month, with $10 from every sale going towards the donation, along with ticket sales at the event. 

Mums playing with babies on padded play mats

This money has now gone on to grant some amazing wishes for kids who need a smile, one of which is Penelope.

A week before gorgeous little Penelope's first birthday, her family received the devastating news that she had a tumour inside her chest. She was later diagnosed with neuroblastoma and her tumour was considered malignant. Now, this adorable little one has to endure lots of doctor visits and hospital trips for therapy. So, to give Penelope a distraction throughout all this medical treatment, Make-A-Wish were able to grant her a life-changing wish. 

Penelope wished for a Frozen-themed cubby house and that is certainly what the little princess received! Bronya, Penelope's mum, said: 

"I can't thank you guys enough. It was beyond anything I imagined. I thought she was just going to get this little cubby thing but it was just exactly what she wanted even down to the snowflakes on the walls."

So, MASSIVE thank you to everyone who contributed during our Make-A-Wish campaign, it has really made a difference!



Baby Give Back

"At Baby Give Back we help families in crisis because we believe every baby deserves an equal start. We provide donations via social service agencies and social workers who are qualified to assess a family's need."



Our Munchkin & Bear team have been lucky enough to spend some time volunteering with the Baby Give Back team. They are such a wonderful group of people and we are so honoured they allowed us the opportunity to help support mothers and families in our local community, something we will continue to do for years to come.

Baby Give Back Charity packing donations for babies in need


In 2022 & 2023, we were also invited to attend the Baby Give Back Mother's Day High Tea events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They were hosted by some amazing women and we had the pleasure of listening to some incredibly inspiring guest speakers as well. We felt so privileged to be able to donate $5000 each year as a "Platinum sponsor" of the events to show our support. These high teas raise incredible amounts of funds for Baby Give Back which will go to helping them provide essential items to vulnerable children and families in our community. Congratulations to the BGB team - the work you do for others every single day is just phenomenal.

Women at fundraising events for baby charity



Bravery Box

Bravery Box creates moments of joy, happiness and distraction for kids with cancer. A childhood with cancer is a childhood that should be filled with fun and laughter. Children proudly wear their “This is what BRAVE looks like” shirt when they want to celebrate their courage and when they need to find a little extra bravery. 

Some very special Bravery Boxers have worn their shirts during their end of life and at their funerals. The shirts have become deeply cherished.


Happy children supporting Bravery Box charity

In 2021, we decided to celebrate our 5th Birthday by donating $10,000 to Bravery Box to help them make so many of these wonderful shirts for brave kids. 


"Before I launched M&B we would make small donations here and there all the time as a family, but now we can ramp it and make a real difference and it makes my heart swell with pride." - Alana



Crowley Care


We are massive supporters of intergenerational playgroups and were so honoured to see our Luxe Play Mats being used as part of one in our founder Alana's home-town of Ballina. After watching the ABC's program "Old People's Home for Four Year Olds”  we were exposed to the true importance of these initiatives for both the elderly and young children, making it especially heartwarming to see local community members starting up similar concepts!

Munchkin & Bear play mats being enjoyed in an aged care home

The Crowley Care team had purchased a play mat themselves and kindly shared images of their residents enjoying it with their younger counterparts. It *really* touched our whole team so we donated another mat to them and Alana's mum, Kathy, was able to hand deliver it and say hi to some gorgeous "mini kids" and residents. Seriously special!



Bushfire Relief

The Munchkin & Bear Team were so emotionally impacted, like the rest of Australia, by the bushfires nation-wide in late 2019/ early 2020. We were constantly thinking about those affected and what a devastating time it was, and still is, for many. It really made us appreciate how truely lucky we were to not be in an area directly touched by the tragedy. With this being said, we wanted to be of some aid and help others in any way we could, so donated $1,000 cash to both Red Cross Australia and Wires Wildlife Rescue so they could better assist those in need.



Supporting a More Equal Future for all Australians

At Munchkin & Bear we are supportive of working towards a more equal future for our first nations people to ensure everybody has the same choices and opportunities. Donations have been made to the following causes in support of this notion:




Donating Blood

Munchkin & Bear team after they have donated blood

As a team, we have pledged to go and give blood every time the donor van comes to its station near our warehouse. We now have a Team Munchkin & Bear tally and are so excited to see our total grow! 

It is such an important cause and we truly encourage everyone that is eligible to give blood to go and do so - it's not as scary as it sounds (trust us!) and you even get some yummy snacks once you're done.




Other Acts of Kindness

We are so honoured to be in a position to be able to give back to our community and help out those in need with the support of our amazing Tribe. One initiative we love doing is giving our followers the chance to win a play mat for themselves and we will also donate one to the winners charity of choice. Some of these charities include:

Geelong Mums

Frankston Hospital

Infocus Disability Services

Lady Cilento

Bear Cottage (part of Children's Hospital at Westmead)

Act for Kids

Ronald McDonald (SEQ)


Luxe Play Mats have been donated to the following organisations to assist with the therapy and comfort of children in their care:


 Movement for Mia

Help Clara fight Leukaemia

Relay for Life 

Bardon Kindergarten

Rainworth State School Carnival

This Little Love "Paying it Forward"

Nest Design Studio's "The With Love Project"


The Wesley Hospital Paediatric Ward 

The Wesley Hospital Maternity




Monetary donations have also been made to the following charities to show support for our local communities and the people in them:

Logos of charities Munchkin & Bear have donated towards