Hello there, mumma! What you up to today? We know how tough this parenting gig can be. Do you know how amazing you are? You really are.

We have heard you and we want you to know that we see you.


To the pregnant mum who is panicking that you don't have it all figured out yet, we see you.


To the deep breathing not-yet-a-mum, reading the ecstatic pregnancy announcements wondering if it is ever going to be your turn, we see you.


To the brand new mum who is in the baby bubble besotted with the divine creature lying beside you, we see you.


To the exhausted mum wondering how long she needs to keep jiggling before she can successfully transfer her bundle to the bassinet, we see you.


To the dazed mum enjoying the sunshine on a playground bench, marveling at how differenct maternity leave actually is, we see you.

To the frazzled mum trying to cook dinner with one eye on their snotty cherub and the other on the clock counting the minutes to the return of their partner, we see you.


To the guilt ridden mum trying to sneak out the daycare door for work, leaving their crying child wondering if it is all worth it, we see you.


To the relieved mum lying on the mat with her little ones, enjoying a rare moment of serenity whilst they are happily occupied, we see you.


We see you, M & B mumma, and you are not alone. If you are going through it, chances are someone else is too. Parenting is both utterly joyful and bone achingly exhausting, but we are all in this together. 


So tell us, where are you on this parenting journey today?

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