Ways to play with munchkin and bear silicone sensory toys

After over a year of planning, designing, and manufacturing, we are SO thrilled to welcome a beautiful bunch of new toys to our stunning play range. Perfect for a whole range of ages and styles of play, these silicone toys will create hours and hours of fun for you and your little ones. 

As experts in play for the last 6+ years, we totally understand how important it is for children’s development! Whether it’s open-ended, imaginative, educational or just pure fun, you really can’t go wrong. All of these approaches help foster strong motor skills, encourage critical thinking / problem solving, spark interests and enhance social skills. 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the best and most “fun” ways to engage your little ones during play so we like to remind everyone that play is play! Simply get down on the floor and pop some toys down on your Play Mat and encourage your children to explore and create their own fun. 


To help inspire your play-time sessions at home, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to play with each of our toys!

stacking sensory toy for babies


This gorgeous set of stackable nesting bears were designed for bubs aged from 6m+ to help promote developmental motor skills for little hands and imaginative play for little minds. 


1. Stack and unstack

Pull a part and unstack each bear individually to reveal four adorable bears to play with! 

2. Sorting

The bears can be used in so many different ways when learning how to sort with your little one! You would pull each piece apart and ask your child to sort by size (tallest to smallest or smallest on the ends and tallest in the middle, for example) or shape (eg. all heads on one side and all bodies on the other). Alternatively, keep the bears together and sort those by size! 

3. Imaginative Play

Use the family of bears during imaginative play - simply encourage your child to use them as four individuals during games in a dolls house or other creative setups built with lego. Plus, I’m sure your child will come up with something super clever to use each bear for when left to their own devices!


silicone stacking sensory rainbow for kids

This divine 9-piece set was thoughtfully designed as an educational toy that can be used for colour recognition, memory games, fine motor development, bath time and so much more!


1. Open-Ended Play

When you provide your child with a toy for open-ended play, they are only limited by their own imaginations! This rainbow has no whiz bang lights, moving parts or any form of instant gratification like a lot of other “toys” on the market. However, by encouraging open-ended play, your child can create 10,000 uses for this rainbow stacker and help them develop patience, to play independently, be creative and problem solve. 

2. Create pictures

Create whatever sculpture your mind can dream of with each of the little semi-circle shapes. You could try to build a mountain range, caterpillar or even a bike! 

3. Build obstacles and tunnels

If your little one loves playing with cars or trains, use each of the rainbow pieces to create ramps, obstacles or tunnels for their cars to drive through.

Silicone sensory balls for little ones - teething, catching, open ended play

Designed with three different textures and shapes, these adorable silicone balls are perfect for little hands from 0m+. They also encourage fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and are perfect for soothing teething mouths.


1. Roly Poly

Whether your baby is in the tummy time stage, sitting up or walking, this game is always a hit! Simply roll the balls towards your baby and watch them smile. It’s great for development when they first watch them roll, then try to grab them and then finally even start to roll them back!

2. Throw and Catch

Seems simple but these soft balls are perfect for learning to throw and catch! They are easy to grip and lightweight which makes them super fun for small hands. 



These adorable toys are covered in soothing sensory textures and are safe, soft and chewy for those little ones who love putting everything in their mouths!

Teething and sensory toys for babies

1. Imaginative Play

Just like our Babushka bear set and rainbow stacking toy, these two sensory toys provide ample opportunities for your little one to explore during imaginative play! We’ve chosen a rocket and hot air balloon to showcase interesting objects that don’t appear in standard toy sets very often. This also allows you to explain how rockets and hot air balloons work and what they are used for. 


Shape sorting puzzle for children

Our gorgeous silicone shape puzzle seems self-explanatory but it actually has a whole host of uses! This cute four-piece set encourages both shape and colour recognition. 


1. Learn shapes and colours

Use this fun puzzle as an opportunity to develop a better understanding of shapes and colours. Point to one of the shapes and ask your child to identify the shape and it’s colour before putting it into the correct spot on the wooden board.

2. Shape painting

Use the silicone shape pieces and some washable paint to create patterns and shape prints on paper with your child! You can encourage them to build objects from the shapes (eg. use the square and triangle to create a house) for some creative time. 

3. Imaginative play

Seperate the silicone shape pieces from the wooden block and allow your child to use them when playing with their other toys! They are fun obstacles when playing cars or as a little house for lego men! 



This adorable set of 7 cups can be used during playtime and bathtime - now that’s a win!

Silicone stacking cups for play time

1. Pop in the bath 

These cups are completely waterproof so are perfect for bathtime! Each cup has different shapes punctured into the surface which turns them into a strainer when placed in water. For older kids, encourage your child to identify the type of shape and see how the water flows through the holes.

2. Stack it up, knock it down

This is one of our all time favourite games that never fails! Encourage your child to stack up the cups and build a tower before knocking it down and going again. The variety of cup sizes means that SO many structures (big and small) can be built and knocked down.

3. Sort by size, colour or shape

The variety of sizes, colours and shapes featured on these cups means that the opportunities for ways to sort are endless! 




This divine ring stacking toy has been designed with a bear-head on top to make it more engaging and fun! It is also perfect for use as an educational toy when completing memory games, colour recognition or fine motor development activities.


Stackable bear tower for imaginative play

1. Stack them up!

Separate each layer of the stacking bear and support your child to try and add each layer on top of each other to build the stack back up. This will require concentration and fine motor skills. Join in with your child to make it a competition for some more fun - who can get the most rings in the right spot?

2. Open-ended play

The opportunities here are endless with this simplistic toy and your little ones' creative minds will be sure to come up with something entertaining. Combine with our silicone stacking cups to give the bear a hat!



Happy playing with our beautiful range - M&B Play! If you have even more fun ways to play, we'd love you to tag us in your pics or send them through via DM!



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