Why you need a munchkin and bear play mat

We meet lots of new parents every year and the responses we hear when it comes to purchasing a Play Mat are always the same: 


“I’ll just put my baby down on the carpet or a blanket instead!”

“I’ll just hold my baby all day - they won’t like being on the floor!”

“I’ll pop my baby in a bouncer when I need to have my arms free!”

“Aren’t Play Mats more for crawlers to protect their knees and wrists?”


So, as you can see, the most common assumption we get from new parents is that they don’t *need* a Play Mat! But in reality, a good quality waterproof and wipe-clean Play Mat can make your life SO much easier (and comfier!) from the moment bub is born! 


people enjoying their munchkin and bear play mats

Here’s just a few reasons why:


  • Protect your carpet

Our Play Mats will keep your carpet free from those inevitable spills and messes plus, you won’t have to worry about any loose carpet fibers or dust from getting into your little one's mouth or hand (because we all know the teething stage a little too well!). 


  • No intense washing required

Many parents mention that they are just looking at getting a cheaper, fabric Play Mat but from experience, they come with a whole host of washing and drying that no parent has time for! With one of our award-winning Luxe Play Mats, any spills or accidents can just be wiped right up with a soft cloth in two seconds. 


  • No more dead arms or tired bodies

With a quality Play Mat, you won’t have to worry about having tired arms from carrying your baby around all day to avoid them being on the dirty floor. You can just pop them straight onto the mat - they are completely non-toxic and safe for babies. Plus, when you get down to interact with bub during tummy time or play time, there is plenty of soft, squishy space for you to play together without having to lie on the hard and grotty floor!


Our favourite saying around here is that “play mats aren’t just for babies!”. Munchkin & Bear’s beautiful range of Luxe Play Mats has been designed with the whole family in mind, from birth to beyond! 


We’ve compiled our top ways to use our stylish Play Mats for whatever age or stage your family is at! Read more below:


Why munchkin and bear play mats are perfect for newborns and babies

Tummy Time

Babies need to spend lots of time on their tummies from as soon as they are first born. Our Play Mat’s soft, memory foam core makes the perfect place to do this!


Nappy Changes

Play Mats make the perfect place for nappy changes as bub can roll around freely without the worry of falling off a tall change table! Plus, the waterproof surface makes it super easy to clean up afterwards!


Bonding with Mum or Dad

New parents spend a lot of time down on the floor, interacting with bub on their level. Our Play Mats create a soft, squishy surface to lay on.


Nappy-Free Time

Let your little ones breathe with some nappy free time! By doing it on our Play Mats, any accidents can be wiped straight off (unlike fabric play mats that would need to go straight into the washing machine, time and time again). 


Why munchkin and bear play mats are perfect for toddlers


Save the mess from hitting the carpet by having morning tea on your Play Mat. Then, just shake off any extra crumbs outside and the mat is as good as new!


Play Time

Protect those little knees and wrists during play time and when learning to crawl and walk. Our Play Mats have plenty of space for your little ones to play all day in comfort!



Protect your knees when bathing your little ones by popping a Play Mat beside the tub. Once those wriggly octopuses are out of the bath, dry and dress them on the Play Mat too (then just wipe off any excess water with a towel)! 


Quiet Time

If you need a place for your toddler to relax and calm down while watching a show, pop them on the Play Mat! They will maybe even fall asleep!


Why munchkin and bear play mats are perfect for bigger kids

Playing Lego

The big kids still spend so much time playing on the floor! Plus, with our Play Mats, you can easily pick them up and tip all the bits of Lego into the storage basket.



Whether you have a little bookworm or need to get through the weekly readers from school, you can always snuggle up on one of the Play Mats together.


Rough and Tumble Play

Our Play Mats give the perfect squishy space to roll around with some rough and tumble play with your siblings! 


Why munchkin and bear play mats are perfect for adults and grandparents


Big night? Tough day? Pop down for a quick nap on the comfy Play Mat - the kids won’t know! 



Whether you're doing a pilates workout or a spot of yoga, the Play Mats make the perfect large exercise mat! 


Kitchen mat
Rest your feet while preparing a meal in the kitchen on one of our Play Mats. The medium size works perfectly as an anti-fatigue mat!



If your muscles are sore and tired from the busy-ness of Mum life, pop down on the mat for a big stretch session! There is lots of soft, squishy space to release all your inner tension when at home. 


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