If you’re anything like us when you were pregnant, you’ve lost track of the number of YouTube videos you’ve watched on ‘The MUST have items for every new parent’, you’ve followed every mum blogger on Instagram, combing through their content to see what products they swear by for their babies. But with new baby products coming onto the market every week, it can be confusing to know what you really do need in preparation for bub. I sat down with my First Time Mum (FTM - you’ll see this acronym thrown around a lot) friends to chat about what items we believed really did get us through the newborn period. Here are our top 10 must haves. Choosing a reliable car seat


Having a reliable and safe car seat for your newborn is important. You’ll be spending a lot of time together going from your initial doctors checkups, to regular mum group catch-ups. But, depending on whether you have a small hatch-back car, a 6ft 4 Husband, or have a preference for a capsule over a car seat, deciding what to go with can be tricky.


Choosing a pram suitable for your family

Deciding on what pram to purchase can be tricky - there’s so many different options, styles and price points out there. When thinking about what pram you want to go with, always ask yourself these questions: 


  • Do I want to be able to put my baby in a car capsule and then attach it to the pram? This is called a travel system!
  • Am I going to be driving a lot and needing to pack the pram up often? You’ll want to test different prams out for their weight to make sure it’s nice and compact for your car
  • Is basket space important? You’ll want to opt for a pram that can pack everything underneath then. If basket space isn’t important, you might want to opt for something smaller
  • Am I likely to take my pram on different terrain? If you’re thinking about jogging (not me) with your pram, or walking on trails, you’ll want to opt for a pram that has better suspension and wheels 
  • Are you likely to want to add a tandem option to your pram in the near future for a sibling? Some prams on the market have the ability to fit both a bassinet and a seat, or two seats at once - making it the ideal option for parents with twins or children close in age. 


Once you’ve answered these questions, keep them in mind when shopping for your pram. It will help you narrow down your options and pick the best pram for your needs!


Choosing and comfortable and safe place for baby to sleep

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, a big focus of your new life will be feeding and sleeping. You’ll want to choose somewhere safe for your baby to sleep that is safe and cozy. Lots of parents opt for a bassinet that can be bedside in the first few months, and then transition to a cot once bubba is older. My key recommendation is to look for a bassinet that isn’t too small (newborns grow very quickly), is breathable and lightweight. If you live in a larger home, it might also be worthwhile having a bassinet on wheels, so you can move your newborn around (in the early days you will feel like all they do is eat and sleep).

A zip swaddle


Keeping your baby snug and comfortable is a very high priority. Swaddling them with muslin or cloth wraps can take a lot of time, especially during those midnight feeds. That’s why so many parents opt for a zip swaddle. Make sure you check for the ‘TOG’ you purchase, to make sure it’s appropriate for your climate. 


Somewhere to change nappies

We will let you in on a little secret. When it comes to changing nappies, you’ll want somewhere that allows for the job to be done quickly, and with as little clean up as possible. It’s for this reason that more and more parents are opting for water resistant change mats. Why? Because if there’s a mess, it’s a lot quicker and easier to clean up than having to wash a change mat cover. We might be a touch biased, but our play mats also make for the perfect change area for babies. It’s soft, safe and easy to wipe clean. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to nappy changing. 

Find a comfortable place to feed bady


A comfortable chair for feeding, burping or rocking your bubba is always on our lists. When they become older, it can then be transformed into your favourite spot to sit and read a quiet book together.


A safe place to put baby down during the day

Now, there’s going to be a time when you need to put your tiny bubba down so you can safely use the bathroom, put the washing on or give your arms a break. Tummy time is also recommended from birth, so having somewhere for your baby to practice their neck and head strength is a must from a developmental perspective. 


Our Munchkin and Bear play mats are non-toxic, incredibly squishy and waterproof, making it the perfect place for newborns to lay safely and explore. Our mats also grow with your baby, so it’s a space they’ll learn to roll, crawl, walk, enjoy a snack, and play with their toys in toddlerhood and beyond. 


A hands-free baby carrier

We love carriers for hands-free moments. It allows washing to be done, dinner to be eaten, and general life maintenance to be accomplished. A lot of parents also find that wrap carriers are an amazing option to help their babies settle and sleep during the day.


A nappy bag

Voted the best baby bag in Australia in 2020, the Oioi backpack is a favourite for a lot of reasons. It has 8 compartments, including 2 insulated for bottles and food. It’s also water resistant and fits a 15” Macbook in the main compartment.  


Now, this isn’t necessarily a baby bag, but we really want to mention pram caddies. It’s where you’ll end up storing your phone, keys, snacks, hand sanitiser and sunglasses on your walks and outings. We really love a good pram caddy because it allows for you to access your things quickly and easily, and means you don’t need to take your whole baby bag with you if you’re just zipping down to the shops.


A baby bath

Bath time can actually be a really enjoyable experience for everyone. It’s usually a time when bub is calm and quiet, and it’s the perfect opportunity to bond. Investing in a baby bath that properly supports your baby will help keep them in a more upright position, meaning you can relax a little bit more and enjoy the time with bub.

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