Hello there! How is your day going? Have you eaten? Had a glass of water?

We know you are busy but in these few moments to yourself, before you are interrupted  by little people, we really want to share something exciting with you.


When we started M & B, it was all about the products. But do you know what really blew us away? You! Our customers give us the warm fuzzies every day with their comments and gorgeous photos.  You have reached out and connected with us - now we want to connect you with each other! 


So you guessed it... welcome to our blog, The M&B Files.  


We promise this won't be yet another mummy blog, following their daily life. Instead, this will be a collective place to share our tips and tricks from across our Munchkin and Bear tribe. And we'll throw in some style for the ride! Let's help each other through these phases that will pass eventually.

We all set out on this parenting gig with high aspirations which is exactly how it should be. As mums ourselves, we know in reality, parenting is damn hard. But we have noticed that we ALL have our own parenting strengths and that sharing yours can really help others. For example, in our team alone, we have the Betty Crocker baking mum and the mum who has not used her oven in weeks (not looking at you, Alana)! On the flipside, that girl has her home sorted while Betty is still battling the toy tsunami rolling through her house.

So this space is going to be all about sharing those mum hacks (like fresh ideas for play when you are looking at the clock and too exhausted to be a fun-mum) as well as helping you find a way of keeping your sense of self and style when the brightly coloured kid stuff starts to take over.  Plus we want to take you with us on this crazy small business ride, that you're all such a big part of. 


So come on down to the mat .....(and bring your wine!) .... welcome to the M & B Files. 




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