My firstborn HATED tummy time. She would get so distressed whenever I would pop her down but I knew how important tummy time was for her development. It felt like she was lagging behind other babies her age who would happily lie on their bellies and lift their heads with such strong neck muscles. But, it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Baby practicing tummy time using a mirror

Try our TOP FIVE tips for successful tummy time below:

2 Babies laying on a Munchkin & Bear Play Mat with a Tummy Time mirror

1. Create a soft surface for bub to lie on. Our award-winning luxe play mats are perfect for this!

Small baby practicing tummy time with mirror


2. Get down on their level and interact. They will love copying your facial expressions and will feel much more reassured with you beside them.

Baby reflection in tummy time mirror


3. Pop a mirror or toy in front of them to keep them engaged. Our 3-in-1 Tummy Time Mirror is a fabulous tool for this as it allows bub to watch their reflection and stay attentive for longer!

Baby using a towel to help with learning to lay on stomach


4. If bub is struggling to lift their head, pop a rolled up towel under their chest to help prop them up and relieve some stress off their neck muscles.

Baby looking at a green tummy time mirror whilst laying on a play mat


5. Another tip for struggling bubs is to move their hands from behind them to resting in front. This will help them lift their necks higher!


Remember, every bub will react to tummy time differently and that is okay. Some will love it from the start and others will take some time. Our biggest piece of advice is to just take it slow and follow bubs lead and they will get there in their own time.

The perfect items for tummy time

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