5 pilates exercises to try at home for mums

If you follow us on the gram, you would know that our team do Pilates in the M&B office on a Monday with our wonderful in-house instructor, Chloe. We're super passionate about making time for ourselves and health around here. We know (from experience) that our wellbeing often gets on the back-burner because, well, #mumlife!

As mums with our own injuries and trouble spots, Chloe has been a saviour at helping us and so we've compiled 5 gentle exercises you can try at home on your Munchkin & Bear Play Mat to get your body moving!

Chloe talks you through each pilates movement in the video below and gives a guideline on how long you should do it for! Don't worry, she has kept them super simple and provided alternate actions if your body is unable to do one of the exercises. It's the perfect way to start getting back on track and adding more fitness into your daily routine!


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