Ways to play with silicone stacking cups

Our Silicone Stacking Cups are a classic toy that will certainly stand the test of time in your home. 

There are some toys (even in this crazy world of toddler technology and interactive screens) that never go out of fashion and kids still return to them again and again (for my kids, stacking cups, Lego, a dolls house, a train set, a marble run and a play kitchen were their fave toy classics!). Our super cute stacking cup set will provide hours of fun for your little ones during play time and bath time (they are completely waterproof too). 

Check out these fun ways to play with our Stacking Cups:



3 fun things to do with silicone stacking cups from munchkin & bear

3 Fun and Easy Ways to Promote Educational Play with Stacking Cups


1. Stack them up!

How many ways can your mini stack this set of cups? Have a look at the pic above for three ideas!


2. Add a torch and create shapes!

Each of our Silicone Stackable Cups have shapes cut out of the bottom of them. So have some fun in the dark with our cups and a torch. Shine your phone light through the inside of the cup and watch the shapes get projected onto your wall. For older kids, try and count how many stars or circles you can see with each cup!


3. Throw them in the bath and watch the water flow!

Pop your Stacking Cup Set into the bath with the kids. Encourage them to scoop up water and then watch the water flow through the holes!


A few other fun ideas include:

- Hide little objects under each cup for your child to discover

- Take the cups to the beach and use them to build sand castles with

- Add them into your sensory play - does rice or water flow through the holes at the bottom?

- Learn colours by saying them out-loud while stacking


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