Welcoming a new baby into your home is a joyous occasion that comes with a lot of planning and preparation. One of the most exciting tasks is creating the perfect nursery – a space that combines functionality, style, and a soothing atmosphere to nurture your little one's early experiences. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to design a nursery that caters to both your baby's needs and your design preferences. Plus, we'll highlight a must-have item for every nursery: the Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded baby Play Mat.


Step 1: Choose your Colour Palette

Start by selecting a colour palette. Be it soft pastels, muted tones, and neutral shades, create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation or brighter tones to create a more playful atmosphere. Munchkin and Bear play mats has the largest reversible range of baby play mats to suit your baby’s space as well as your style.


Step 2: Prioritize Functional Furniture

Opt for functional furniture that will grow with your baby. A convertible crib, changing table with storage, and a comfortable glider are essential. These pieces not only serve immediate needs but also offer longevity as your baby transitions to a toddler. A comfortable easy to clean feeding chair is also a must for new parents.


Step 3: Create a Stylish Layout

Arrange the furniture in a way that promotes easy movement and accessibility. Keep the crib near the changing table and ensure you have everything you need within arm's reach. A well-thought-out layout also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the room.


Step 4: Soft Lighting and Blackout Curtains

Choose soft lighting options, such as a dimmable ceiling fixture or a stylish floor lamp with a warm glow. Install blackout curtains to control the amount of natural light, aiding in creating a restful sleep environment for your baby.


Step 5: Incorporate Personal Touches

Add personalized elements to the nursery, such as wall art, framed photos, or decorative items that hold sentimental value. These touches infuse the room with warmth and a sense of belonging.



Step 6: Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat

No nursery is complete without a high-quality baby play mat, and the Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat is an absolute must-have. This play mat seamlessly combines style, functionality, and comfort to provide the perfect play space for your baby. It can also double as an easy space to change bubs nappy, the wipe clean surface makes it so practical after any spills and messes.


Features of the Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat:

Stylish Design: The play mat boasts a chic and timeless design that complements any nursery decor. Reversible designs mean you're buying two mats in one!

Thick Padding: With its luxurious memory foam padding, the play mat ensures your baby has a comfortable and safe surface for playtime and tummy time.

Premium Materials: Crafted from non-toxic tpu and baby-safe materials, the play mat prioritizes your baby's well-being.

Easy to Clean: Life with a baby can be messy, and that's why the play mat features an easy-to-clean waterproof surface that can handle spills and accidents, especially after nappy change time!

Generous Size: The spacious dimensions provide ample room for play and exploration as your baby grows. The Round play mat in particular is popular for nurseries as they fit seamlessly between the larger pieces of furniture.

Soothing Colors: The play mat's range of colour options are chosen to create a soothing and calming ambiance in the nursery.


Designing a functional, stylish, and soothing nursery is a labor of love that contributes to the well-being of both you and your baby. By following the steps outlined in this guide and incorporating thoughtful touches, you'll create a nurturing space where cherished memories are made. And remember, the Munchkin & Bear Luxe Padded Play Mat is an essential addition to your nursery, offering a blend of comfort, safety and style that enhances your baby's early experiences.



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