As a first-time mum eagerly awaiting the arrival of my second child, I couldn't help but be plagued by a series of apprehensions. Like many parents, I found myself questioning how my heart, time, and energy could be divided between two tiny humans. However, as my journey into motherhood expanded, so did my understanding of these concerns.


This is my personal experience about the top 5 worries I faced as I embarked on my journey into second-time parenthood: 



Will I love my second child as much as I love my first?

As parents, we can’t help but feel an intense and profound love for our first child, so it’s only natural to wonder if our hearts can expand to accommodate for another. But here’s the truth - love multiplies, it doesn’t divide. When my second baby arrived, my heart swelled with love all over again, just like it did with my first. Each child is unique, and the love you feel for them is unique too. It’s a wonderful experience, and I promise, your heart has more than enough room for all the love. It’s also incredibly beautiful watching the two little people you created interact with each other and (eventually) show each other love too.


Will my first born be jealous of their new sibling?


Ah the green-eyed monster called jealousy! I worried that my firstborn would feel left out or neglected once the new baby came alone. But, children are incredibly adaptable and resilient. Instead of jealousy, my older child surprised me with their curiosity and affection towards their sibling. Of course, there were moments of adjustment, but involving them in caring for the baby and spending one-on-one time with them helped ease any potential jealousy.


Will I have alone time again after having a second child?


The idea of not having a moment to myself used to stress me out. I cherished the few moments of solitude I had before the second child’s arrival. But guess what? Alone time is still possible! It might not be as frequent or as long, but it’s there. When both kids miraculously take a nap at the same time (on the rare occasion I’ll be honest) or a friend or family member offers to help, take that opportunity to recharge your batteries. It’s also really important to communicate your needs to your partner or support system - no one was meant to do this alone.


How will I split my attention between my children when I have more than one?


I used to wonder how I could divide my time and attention equally between two kids. The key is realising that it’s not always about splitting everything perfectly down the middle. It’s about being present in the moment and giving each child focused attention when they need it. Sometimes, that means multi-tasking (parents are champions at that). Your children will also learn valuable skills like patience and empathy during this time too.


How tired will I be when I have two children?


Oh, the eternal exhaustion of parenting! I already knew how tired it was to care for one child, so adding another to the mix seemed daunting. While it’s true that the first few weeks or months might be challenging as you adjust to a new routine, you’ll be amazed at how resilient and adaptable you become. Your body and mind are capable of more than you realise, and soon enough, you’ll settle into a new rhythm. 



Worrying and having concerns before welcoming a new addition to your family is completely normal. Each new chapter of life can be daunting, but I promise it will be overshadowed by joy and excitement. Embrace the journey, seek support when needed, and savour every precious moment with your little ones.



You’ve got this!


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