5 ways to play with a munchkin & bear babushka bear family

Our Babushka Bear Toy provides hours of entertainment! This super cute 8-piece toy set (creating a family of 4 nesting bears) is perfect for little ones aged from 6m+! 
It is a great educational toy for babies learning about grasping, squishing and pulling apart the pieces, to toddlers and preschoolers using their developing fine motor skills to match and stack the set, or simply enjoying imaginative play with their new bear family.

We've compiled our top 5 ways to play with this stacking toy below so you can keep your little one entertained during play time.



Silicone stacking toy for children - 5 ways to play

5 Ways to Play with our Babushka Bear Family!


1. Practice Counting

Line up the bears and count them together: 1, 2, 3 and 4! See if your little one can show you how many the number four is on their fingers after they have finished counting. 

2. Try Sorting

Mix up the height order of the bears and then ask your child to sort the bears by size! Can they line them up from shortest to tallest? 

3. Stacking

Pull each bear apart and stack them up. See if your bub can stack all four heads on top of each other (starting with the largest head at the bottom). 

4. Opening and Closing

Start with the bears nested inside each other. Ask your child to pull apart each layer and reveal the new bear! Then, see if they can use their fine-motor skills to put them all back together. 

5. Bath time

All of our Silicone Toys are waterproof. So, throw them in the bath with bub and let them have fun! Try using the big green bear's bottom as a cup - can you see the water flow through the holes? For older kids, ask them if they think the bears will sink or float before throwing them into the water. 


Most importantly, just have fun! These Stackable Babushka Bears are also perfect for encouraging open-ended play. There are no sounds, moving parts or light up features to this fun toy so your child will enjoy discovering ways to keep themselves busy - some will love the challenge of pulling them all apart and others will enjoy playing with them like a family of dolls. 


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